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Paris powers up the Seine with hydrokinetic energy

Paris powers up the Seine with hydrokinetic energy

The City of Light aims to make renewable energy fashionable, with the help of its famous river. Read the full story

USDA Chief Scientist: How biotechnology will help us feed the world

Dr. Roger Beachy says we can't satisfy a hungry and growing planet without using 'every safe tool in the arsenal.' Read the full story

AEP CEO Michael Morris: Four challenges renewable energy faces

Location, intermittency, price and "green tape" are hindering progress of renewable energy, says American Electric Power CEO Michael Morris. Read the full story

RAPS "Bat Hook" draws power from overhead power lines

When the Department of Defense asks for a gadget inspired by Batman, you'd better believe the designers are going to come up with something fun. Read the full story

Tesla's new models -- and its challenges

Its IPO is great news for the auto industry. Read the full story

New test can determine your risk of Type II diabetes

A new blood test by Tethys Bioscience can help doctors determine the risk patients have of developing Type 2 diabetes within five years. Read the full story

Virgin America toasts first international flight with Torontonian rapper Drake

Virgin America flew its first international flight today, from LAX to SFO and onward to Toronto. Read the full story

IBM sustainability program effective by many measures

Ongoing energy-efficiency efforts slash another $27 million from tech giant's electricity costs in 2009. Read the full story

ACORE's Eckhart: Renewable energy must put microprocessor to work

The future of renewable energy is in the microprocessor, and natural gas will help smooth the transition from fossil fuels to renewables. Read the full story

Better odds than the lottery: Find a way to fix the oil spill, get rich

The X Prize Foundation announced a $10 million prize for their oil spill challenge. Read the full story

Tesla Motors announces IPO; can it drive down the cost of the electric car?

Tesla Motors officially announced its IPO, setting a price of $17 per share. Read the full story

FDA takes first step toward food system reform

Saying giving antibiotics to animals is a threat to human health, the DA is issuing the first "draft guidance" against it. Read the full story

Diabetes risk test prevents disease

Type II diabetes, the kind associated with obesity, is an epidemic in the US. Read the full story

Cisco targets smart grid; bolsters Connected Grid portfolio with new energy management tools

Utilities, consumers, and businesses take note: Cisco has its laser sights on the smart grid, and it's coming to a display panel near you. Read the full story

What you should know about bacteria in your gut

Researchers want to know how the 1,000 different species of bacteria in your gut. Read the full story

Man Builds Homemade Nuclear Reactor in NY

Man Builds Homemade Nuclear Reactor in NY
It is perfectly safe, say experts, and as long as the parts are purchased legitimately, it is all perfectly legal in the US Nuclear fusiondoesn't rely on ...
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Diamond Methane Impact Nuclear Fusion
Next Big Future (blog)
Impact fusion concept has some outstanding features such as "standing off" and high drive efficiency. Historically, as people expected large projectile and ...
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Next Big Future (blog)
North Korea: Pyongyang to boost nuclear arsenal
Spero News
According to a recent announcement, it has also conducted a nuclear fusion reaction, a process that can be used in making a hydrogen bomb. ...
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We Always Have Lowest Prices in Our Online Store! » Blog Archive ...
By Sepp Hasslberger
He is the 38th independent amateur physicist in the world to achieve nuclear fusion from a homemade reactor, buy viagra, according to community (The Open Source Fusor Research Consortium). Buy viagra, Others on the list ...
P2P Foundation -
North Korea “bolstering its nuclear deterrent” « nuclear-news
By Christina MacPherson
Experts believe however that the North Korean claim is a bluff; in their view, Pyongyang is decades away from developing and marketing nuclear fusion technology. North Korea: Pyongyang to boost nuclear arsenal | Spero News ...
nuclear-news -
Man Builds Homemade Nuclear Reactor in New York
By Regeneration
Nuclear fusion doesn't rely on radioactive material and would be a clean power source. It does not require uranium or plutonium fuel, which are required for nuclear fission reactions. Suppes has used $35000 of his own funds and $4000 ... -
Where does the electricity come from to recharge an electric car's ...
By admin
Solar parabolic dish with stirling engines and photovoltaic panels may be scaled large to small. All power may be traced back to the sun and its nuclear fusion power production except geothermal volcanic, nuclear fission power plants ...
Auto answers -
Storing Energy | Cheap And Free Solar Energy
By Robert Stonehill
Extrapolato said on 29-06-2010. Another great idea. However, I still believe nuclear fusion is the way to go in the long run. samurai815 said on 29-06-2010. @kinxectic Well, no less no more than wind turbines affect ecology. ...
Cheap And Free Solar Energy -

Obama, senators grapple with 'cap and trade,' energy bill

Obama, senators grapple with 'cap and trade,' energy bill
USA Today
Democratic and Republican senators who met with Obama agreed on proposals to developalternative energy sources to oil and to do whatever it takes to stop ...
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USA Today
Alternative energy gets jump-start
By GLORIA PARK | 6/30/10 4:42 AM EDT Alternative energy companies and supporters are aggressively promoting alternatives to oil, like electric vehicles. ...
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Company banks on move to alternative energy
Muskogee Daily Phoenix
Today, at age 69, Word and a group of associates are starting up an alternative energy business: Eagle Claw Fabrication LLC. They plan to manufacture wind...
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Federal money will fuel alternative energy instruction
The Herald-Mail
HCC President Guy Altieri said in a phone interview Tuesday that the college began its alternative energyprogram this spring. About 25 students are taking ...
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Letters: Spill can be catalyst for alternative energy; Federal government, BP ...
Press-Register - (blog)
It is with sadness that I read in the Press-Register every day about the impact of the oil spill on everything from the ecology to the economy of the Gulf ...
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Alternative energy sources will mean sacrifice
Staunton News Leader
Many of the same people who wax poetically about trips to the Gulf or walks in the mountains would be the first to condemn the very people who provided the ...
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Grant will enable WT to reduce energy usage
West Texas A&M University's Alternative EnergyInstitute has received a grant award of $497350 from the State Energy Conservation Office for the ...
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Robertson sidelines ethanol in renewable energy push
Jamaica Observer
BY PATRICK FOSTER Business ENERGY Minister James Robertson yesterday dismissed ethanol as a prime alternative energy ...
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At Gulf Oil Spill Forum, A Call for Energy Solutions
National Geographic
The all-electric Tesla Roadster is pricey, but energy activists gathered at a forum on the BP oil spill argued this and otheralternative energy solutions ...
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National Geographic
Drilling Moratorium Costing Gulf Docks Business
CBS News
There are countries in Europe that are on track to be completely energy independent by 2030 using alternative energy technologies. ...
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CBS News
Steelworkers, wind energy group join forces to create jobs
People's World
That's because federal tax credits for suchalternative energy investment expire every several years, making financial institutions reluctant to commit ...
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People's World
Why Immigrants Can Drive the Green Economy
Huffington Post (blog)
America's young scientists and engineers, especially the ones drawn to emerging industries like alternative energy, tend to speak with an accent. ...
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Hanwei loses $65.7 million in fiscal 2010 after big writedown
Winnipeg Free Press
VANCOUVER - Hanwei Energy, a Vancouveralternative energy company, reports a net loss for fiscal 2010 of $65.7 million, due mainly to provisions and ...
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Electric Cars-The Future or a Distraction
***But alternative-energy stocks trade on sentiment and future opportunity, and in the wake of BP's oil spill, people want an alternative. ...
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Stock Update On Alternative Energy Companies South Shore Resources, Inc. (SSHO ...
South Shore Resources Inc. (SSHO:PK) recently announced that it has met the requirements for the Current Information tier for the period ending March 31,...
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Todays Alternative Energy Corp. (BSOM.OB) Announces Plans to Open Green ...
International Business Times
OB) Announces Plans to Open Green Cleaning Products Production Facility Todays Alternative Energy Corporation recently announced plans to open a production ...
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Natural Gas Prices: Headed Up or Down?
On the other hand, President Barack Obama and Joe Biden show interest in alternative energy sources, which may lead to higher demand for natural gas ...
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Zane State energy plan gets boost with $3M grant
Zanesville Times Recorder
Students will be able to train in up-and-coming jobs in the alternative energy sector and traditional energy sectors. These are good-paying jobs, ...
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Solargen Energy, Inc. Announces Receiving $4.1 Million in Equity Financing and ...
MarketWatch (press release)
CVCC invests mainly in information technology, communications, biotechnology, medical and health care, alternative energy and energy-saving ventures,...
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Shanghai to Build 400 Electric Car Charging Stations, CBN Says
s hybrid vehicles, Roewe 750, to its purchase list in a bid to raise awareness of alternative-energy vehicles, the newspaper said. ...
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Editorial: Restarting TVA's solar program a bright idea
Knoxville News Sentinel
The program, which provides incentives for electricity production from alternative energy sources, is a pilot effort of the federal utility. ...
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BP's Huge Political Donations Defy Company Code
CBS News
... to 6 percent tax on producers of oil extracted in California to help reduce petroleum consumption in the state and fund research foralternative energy. ...
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CBS News
UTC SimCenter Provides Research For First Bloom Box At EPB
The Chattanoogan
Officials and representatives in Chattanooga inaugurated the city's first Bloom Box, a 100kW energy server poised to become an alternative energy source for ...
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The Best Way to Effectively Move Toward Clean Energy: Gas Tax
Xomba (blog)
How much of that revenue enjoyed by Big Oil went to researching alternative energy sources? If you add a dollar tax to a product that is already mostly ...
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What to do with all that wind?
Chicago Tribune
Among the Indiana providers is Orion Energy LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of BP Alternative Energy, which proclaims its Benton County facility to be the ...
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Completely Eliminate Your Monthly Power Bill - Forever
OfficialWire (press release)
The Earth4Energy kit delivers one of the most complete alternative energy systems that will drop home energy costs by up to 50-80%. ...
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OfficialWire (press release)
Private solar power project proposed
South Coast Today
Coutinho said it seems reasonable that the proposal, should it evolve, be referred to the town's Alternative Energy Committee, Conservation Commission and ...
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Same ol' fossil foolery
Indianapolis Star
Alternative energy? Our own Gov. Mitch Daniels dismisses it all as an elitist war on the Midwest; and yet his state, according to the Union of Concerned ...
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Fakes, frauds, and phonies
North Fort Myers Neighbor
Let's look at some facts: the country of Spain was the leader of alternative energy use in Europe, funding virtually billions of dollars in hopes of ...
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Iberdrola seeking approval from County Commission
Times Bulletin
The decision for the commissioners is whether to pass a resolution declaring the county an Alternative Energy Zone, essentially assuring the county's ...
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Abu Dhabi's Nuclear Folly
Global Politician
This will be followed by a discussion on whyalternative energy resources to nuclear electricity generation should be pursued. Last, the motives for Abu ...
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New Process to Boost Hydrogen Fuel Cell Usage
By Alternative Energy
A new process is being tested by chemical engineers of Purdue University to get high hydrogen production at fuel-cell temperature-level with no catalyst use. This.
Alternative Energy -
Sources of Alternative Energy | Business Wealth Job Creation ...
By Philip Harman
Sources of Alternative Energy If you want to understand the various forms and sources ofalternative energy, read on. Sometimes called renewable.
Business Wealth Job Creation... -
Sources of Alternative Energy | Business Wealth Job Creation ...
By admin
The forms that alternative energy may take are fuel cells, geothermal energy, wind power , biomass, hydro electric energy, solar energy and water energy such as wave and tidal energy. Fuel cells as a type ofalternative energy is ...
Alternative Energy -
Obama Tells Senators to Use Cap and Trade to Make Polluters Pay ...
By admin
Today, President Obama told twenty three senators who met at the White House to discuss proposed climate legislation, to use the funds of polluters, not.
Alternative Energy Newswire -
A Climate-Neutral China | Alternative Energy Mutual Funds
By Vincent
Alternative Energy · Green Investing · Mutual Funds · Solar · Uncategorized · Videos · Wind. {image}. Jun 30, 2010. Posted by Vincent in Uncategorized | 0 Comments. A Climate-Neutral China. Article Photo ...
Alternative Energy Mutual Funds -
Grants Jobs | Federal money will fuel alternative energy ...
By Grants Jobs
Federal money will fuel alternative energyinstructionThe Herald-MailHCC was one of two Maryland recipients as the US Department of Labor awarded $125 million in its final round of Community-Based Job Training Grants. ...and more »
Grants Jobs -
Alternative Energy « A Radio Show for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs!
By myobtheradioshow
MYOB looks at alternative energy solutions with Andrew Stern, President & CEO of Vayu Power Corp. Vayu is committed to providing communities with the means to reduce their dependence on conventional energy. ...
A Radio Show for Entrepreneurs... -
Save money with alternative energy | Alternative energy
By admin
With the economy as it is today, many people try to cope to find ways to save money. Green energy is a growth industry because of all the ways you can create.
Alternative energy -
Solar Energy | Alternative Energy Source |
By Admin
The film, Race with Sun leading Halley Berry and James Belushi has granted real initiative approach around renewable energy source. The story of the movie was. -
Alternative Energy Technology: Ormat, JFE Partner On Japanese ...
By toddessary
Alternative Energy Technology: Ormat, JFE Partner On Japanese Geothermal Projects. Reader Comments (0). June 30, 2010 (FinancialWire) — Ormat Technologies, Inc. (NYSE: ORA) said that its subsidiary Ormat International, Inc., ...
FinancialWire™ -
Solar Jazz Quintet's CD release party at the Loft Wednesday
By paul
Alternative Energy News RSS Feed Discuss Solar Jazz Quintet's CD release party at the Loft Wednesday in the Alternative Energy Investments, News and Money Saving Tips forums; Solar Jazz Quintet's CD release party at the Loft Wednesday. ...
Alternative Energy Forum - Renewable... -
Calculate the free energy change for the following reaction at 13 ...
On Q&A: What would be the most efficient and possible alternative energy resource to take the place of gas? by Get Off The Grid on June 28th, 2010. Without question, solar power. All our buildings will feature energy-efficient design, ...
Free Energy Generators - Alternative... -
Million Dollar Way: The Problem for Alternative Energy
By Bruce Oksol
The Problem for Alternative Energy · No one wants transmission lines in their backyards. Links to these stories are often broken and require passwords to access archives. Posted by Bruce Oksol at 10:21 AM...
Million Dollar Way -
Solar Power Inverter Efficiency | Solar and Alternative Energy
By admin
Solar and Alternative Energy. All about Solar andAlternative Energy. Solar Power Inverter Efficiency. solar power inverter efficiency. Full Spectrum Solar sees sun future discussion is a perfect fit for Madison....
Solar and Alternative Energy -
Virginia Tech Lumenhaus Wins European Solar Decathlon 2010 ...
By buildaroo crew
Conferences · PCBC · Solar Power International · West Coast Green · Education · Interviews · News »Alternative Energy » Solar Energy » Virginia Tech Lumenhaus Wins European Solar Decathlon… ... -
“The Tilt” Waterproof Alternative Energy Flashlight by Konaki ...
By admin
The Tilt Waterproof Alternative Energy Flashlight by Konaki.
Global Warming -

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Kearney Hub: Local - Western governors consider alternative energy ...
WHITEFISH, Mont. (AP) — New transmission lines are critical to developing the alternative electricity production needed to meet demand in the coming years, ...
Western governors consider alternative energy, climate change - Topix
Other Recent Alternative Energy Discussions. This will search the titles of the threads in the Alternative Energy forum. Search the Alternative Energy Forum ...
Letters: Muskegon could prosper in alternative energy era |
Muskegon needs jobs. Muskegon needs a new industry. We prospered in the lumber era, and the war industry era and the foundry era.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

North Korea will strengthen its nuclear arsenal

North Korea will strengthen its nuclear arsenal
North Korea had claimed on May 12 a success innuclear fusion, celebrated by propaganda as a "breakthrough" to new sources of energy, but scientists have ...
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What are solar neutrinos
by D. Vogt Solar neutrinos are neutrinos which are produced in the Sun by nuclear fusion. Most of the neutrinos which reach and pass through the Earth today ...
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The Poor Mouth: A home-made fusion reactor is a bit beyond my DIY ...
By jams o donnell
If we could invent a viable method of nuclear fusion, so I hear, the waters in our seas would provide enough fuel to power the earth until the sun turned into a supernova and blew us all up anyhow. ...
The Poor Mouth -
what is a star and how do stars produce (or make) the light (or ...
By myefficientenergy
It generates energy through nuclear fusion, where it fuses two lightweight particles into a heavier one. Our sun for example is in the Hydrogen burning stage, where the primary fusion fuel is Hydrogen. Give your answer to this question ...
Efficient Energy -
By Raghu
nuclear fusion nuclear fission metamorphism convection 5. What are the two most abundant elements in nebula (gas clouds) in the universe? nitrogen and oxygen oxygen and silicon hydrogen and helium iron and nickel ...
NASA's Infrared Eye Yields "Nemesis" Objects -The Coldest Known ...
By Casey Kazan Daily Galaxy Editorial Staff
Brown dwarfs form like stars out of collapsing balls of gas and dust, but they are puny in comparison, never collecting enough mass to ignite nuclear fusion and shine with starlight. The smallest known brown dwarfs are about 5 to 10 ...
The Daily Galaxy - Great Discoveries... -