Thursday, September 30, 2010

Amtrak's high-speed rail vision for 2040: New York to Washington in 96 minutes

Amtrak's high-speed rail vision for 2040: New York to Washington in 96 minutes

Amtrak on Tuesday unveiled its $117 billion vision for high-speed rail in the Northeast Corridor by 2040, and it's a doozy: NYC to D.C. or Boston in 1.5 hours. Read the full story

Iron Man robot suit gives soldiers super-human ability

Raytheon recently demonstrated its next-generation exoskeleton robot suit for military personnel. Read the full story

U.S. grid catches its first wave of electricity in Hawaii

Ocean Power Technologies hooks its wave power buoy to a U.S. grid for the first time. Read the full story

New geologic hazards facility to bring volcano field study to U.S.

There aren't any volcanoes in upstate New York. But within the next decade, a 700-acre field station at the University at Buffalo could become one. Read the full story

The celiac epidemic

There is a growing epidemic of celiac disease among the aging. The cure is to avoid gluten, that stretchy protein that makes pizza so delicious. Read the full story

Information technology explosion: do we need an ubergovernance council?

How to keep our reliance on software from coming back to bite us. Read the full story

In pursuit of improved nanowires, NIST chemists develop 'nano LEDs'

While refining their approach to crafting nanowires, NIST chemists stumbled across a way to make them produce light just like an LED bulb. Read the full story

New planet may be habitable

Astronomers have discovered the first planet outside our solar system that could have water on its surface -- and therefore life. Read the full story

New York Jets tackle green energy

The New York Jets has taken its affinity for being green literally by installing 3,000 solar panels at its team headquarters in Florham Park, N.J. Read the full story

Video: Raytheon's real-life Iron Man suit in action

After nearly ten years of development, Raytheon's powerful, wearable robotic exoskeleton is nearly ready to grant superpowers to soldiers. Read the full story

Cleveland: Sustainable small businesses will have bidding advantage

New law will benefit companies that carry the Green Plus certification for triple bottom line best practices. Read the full story

Predictive analytics at work: predicting traffic jams before they occur

Starting next year, drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike will receive up to a 10-minute advance warning before traffic backs up. Read the full story

Why Sustainability Practices Are Really Risk Management

Alternative Energy

The Water-Energy Conundrum: Can We Satisfy the Need for Both?

IEER/PSR: 'Small Modular Reactors' No Panacea for What Ails Nuclear Power
PR Newswire (press release)
Co-author Arjun Makhijani, the president of IEER, holds a Ph.D. in engineering (specialization: nuclear fusion) from the University of California at ...
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ETH Board appoints new professors
ETH Life
His numerical methods allow for promising applications in astrophysics, for nuclear fusion and in the engineering sciences. One of his focal research points ...
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ETH Life
The Water-Energy Conundrum: Can We Satisfy the Need for Both?
Journal of Energy Security
The sun, a modest star sitting 93 million miles from earth and powered by nuclear fusion, pours 6 million quads of radiation annually into the earth's ...
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'Wall Street, $ Never Sleeps'
Falls Church News Press
It calmly but powerfully touts the promise of controlled nuclear fusion energy. Here is, in fact, what Wall Street and the oil giants actually fear most, ...
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How long should a budget last?
European Voice
These include the Galileo satellite project, which needed an extra €2.4bn, and the ITER nuclear fusion research facility (€1.4bn). ...
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Laurels For Cluster-Double Star Teams
... of the fundamental process known as magnetic reconnection, which is vital to understand if we are ever to build commercialnuclear fusion reactors. ...
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6:50am -- NY Times Profiles Accused Nuclear Scientist
ABQ Journal (subscription)
... the scientific community, journalists -- anyone who would listen -- on his plan to build a giant laser for the achievement ofnuclear fusion, ...
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Blogs 27 new results for "nuclear fusion"
How is combustion of a fire different from nuclear fusion ...
Here's my astronomy question: Describe how "combustion," like the burning of wood in a fireplace or the burning of gasoline in a car engine, is.
Better Homes, Hearth and Patio LLC -
Small modular nuclear reactors, costly, dangerous, and ...
By Christina MacPherson
Co-author Arjun Makhijani, the president of IEER, holds a Ph.D. in engineering (specialization: nuclear fusion) from the University of California at Berkeley. He said: “Amidst the evaporating hopes for a nuclear renaissance, ...
nuclear-news -
Japanese aim at creating a sun on Earth | Peak Oil News and ...
By admin
Thirty students from Japan and abroad study for their PhDs in Toki, at the forefront of nuclear fusion research,” says Kaneko. This big science project is, in a sense, reaching for Utopia. It heralds the end of dependence on fossil ...
Peak Oil News and Message Boards -
Japanese facility aimed at creating a sun on Earth « Ed hardy hats
By edhardyhats
Nuclear fission splits nuclei to create energy and nuclear fusion joins them to do the same thing. The first fusion device made for peaceful purposes was the Tokamak, which was invented by Leonid Zakharov in Russia in 1951. ...
Ed hardy hats -
Plasma Physics: An Introduction to Laboratory, Space, and Fusion ...
By www
Different from most introductory texts, low-temperature plasmas, plasma discharges and plasma diagnostics get a much larger share. Controlled nuclear fusion is introduced and magnetic confinement is discussed at a simple level. ...
World Weblog Whizz -
Of White Dwarves and Black Holes – Subrahmanayan Chandrasekhar ...
By preshanth
The electrons weigh less one percent of the total mass of the atom and are sidelined when we talk about nuclear fusion. Natural nuclear fusion is found to occur in the stars, and scientists are hoping to replicate it on earth in small ...
Cosmic Conundrums -
The Nuclear Green Revolution: A Thorium Grand Plan
By Charles Barton
4) Nuclear Fusion 5) Nuclear Fission . . . As for nuclear power, the anti-nuclear movement has succeeded in adding tremendous costs to nuclear power in the US. The fact that other countries are planning/building nuclear power plants ...
The Nuclear Green Revolution -
Supernova Condensate - Cosmic Rays and Chemicals
By Markus
3He is useful because it's one of the best fuels for nuclear fusion. The biggest supply of helium, and thus 3He, in the Solar system is the Sun itself. Unfortunately, the Sun is a star, and so it's completely inaccessible to us. ...
Supernova Condensate -
Honda Fcx Clarity Top Gear | Brakedisc
By admin
@floschob Nuclear Fusion XD the Universe's natural power source. Within 20 years we should have mass scale Nuclear Fusion reactors producing 100% clean energy anyways. Hopefully things needing energy will no longer be a problem once ...
Brakedisc -
corporatesystems » Blog Archive » Business Making Money
By jessehenson1980
But he has to acknowledge that Wall Street does do good things, like financing new ideas (e.g., nuclear fusion in the film). So then Stone has to sell ordinary people on some subtle difference between good finance that makes things and ...
corporatesystems -
Discovery News Tech: Solar Power » Thanks »
In my opinion the future is nuclear fusion or apes on horses. sphinxrising58 permalink. Considering this is 2009, the tech they declare to be ” new ” never ceases to amaze me, as Disovery Channel, had a lengthly spot on the solar ... -
Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism – COMPLETED! « Journey to Gensoukyou
By 53RG10
Ger first card Nuclear Fusion, which I seen a lot, was quite possibly the hardest card for me. So I just bombed my way out of it. The same with Hell and Heaven Meltdown :/. The most fun card was Hell's Artificial Sun! ...
Journey to Gensoukyou -
der Augenblick: Possible Goldilocks planet discovered
By der Augenblick
Life—and perhaps intelligence—is as characteristic of this universe as nuclear fusion or even dust. (By the way, I have a bet going that we discover at least 116 exoplanets by NYE this year.) Posted by der Augenblick at 4:07 PM ...
der Augenblick -
Tractor beams come to life « WorldWright's …
By WorldWright
... but the article does describe what is actually happening and yes it is not a tractor beam and nothing like it. But it is very useful and may well be incorporated amongst other devices in nuclear fusion or other cutting edge science. ...
WorldWright's ... -
U.S. Utilities “Stealth” Nuclear Revival | Niclear Fusion
By admin
Nuclear Fusion Is Tomorrow. Please Use These Proxies For Safe Surfing. Browse: Home / Uncategorized / U.S. Utilities “Stealth” Nuclear Revival. Experts A Click Away. We Help You Understand · Powered by LivePerson ...
Nuclear Fusion -
IOSYS – Okuu's Nuclear Fusion Dojo english subs | project
By admin
WHO SAID NUCLEAR FUSION WAS BAD? *blows up half the city* Flandre: NICE EXPLOSION!!!!!! (Touhou soccer "Nice Combination!" parody). kaiji 說道:. 2010 年09 月30 日at 15:00:08. go home and screw ur self sir yes sir hahaha timeless ...
project -
Energy Conversion: Nuclear Reactor Technology, Jet Engine, Nuclear ...
By rafayemze
Energy Conversion: Nuclear Reactor Technology, Jet Engine, Nuclear Fusion, Wind Generator, Steam Engine, Photoelectric Effect, Solar Energy. Thanks To : Van Window Screen Sigma Lens For Electric Spice Mill ...
Joey Kuder -
Mascheroni (Ph.D., '68) indicted in conspiracy case | Berkeley ...
By Anna Goldstein
His goal, then and now, was to solve the energy crisis by developing nuclear fusion technology. He proposed building a laser which would be lower energy and cheaper than other potential laser-fusion systems which were eventually funded. ...
Berkeley Science Review Blog -
The Promenader: Rants & Reflections: For my better understanding ...
By Sefu
For nuclear fusion to occur, two (or more) atoms must be compressed together with a force stronger than their respective polarity charges - think trying to force two positively-charged magnets together - so that their nuclei will touch ...
The Promenader: Rants & Reflections -
Scientists Listen to Song of the Sun
By pkpatriotic
Composed of gases, the sun's core contains a giant nuclear fusion factory, where hydrogen is pressed into helium at temperatures of about 27000000° Fahrenheit (15000000° Celsius). The energy of this nuclear fusion factory generates ...
Pakistan Defence Forum -
Sunday Cooking – Beef: It's What's for Dinner
By Nancy Taylor Robson
But the wonderfully evolved stainless types that don't require a degree in nuclear fusion convinced me. That, and my son, prompted by a friend's a terrific recipe for easy beef short ribs, came home one Christmas with a brand new one ...
The Chestertown Spy -
Renewable Energy-Magnetic Power-Amplified Electricity
By Kieth
Stars produce energy through nuclear fusion but nuclear fusion is not self-sustaining. The “input” fueling the fusion is the mass of the star itself similar to how fire burns a log. The first law of thermodynamics is conserved. ...
Magniwork Review -
全人類ノ非想天則 / Zenjinrui no Hisoutensoku / All of Humanity's ...
By kafkafuura
Nuclear Fusion at ninety-seven percent! Hisoutensoku, Launch!” 怒りの鉄拳!正義の鉄拳!悪を打ち砕くために爆裂弾幕!炸裂弾幕!思い切り喰らわせるさ希望の鉄拳!願いの鉄拳!笑顔 取り戻すためにクリーンな兵器!クリーンな戦士! ...
kafka-fuura -
Outdoor Sports » Blog Archive » Golf Equipment For Your Scotland ...
By FreshAire
... element compounds, biological macromolecules, polymers, and crystals), physical replications (like reproductions of airplanes inside wind tunnels, recreation of the setting off of nuclear weapons, and studies into nuclear fusion). ...
Outdoor Sports - — Blog — Retail Stores Dropping like Flies ...
By admin
Iran are working on nuclear fusion technologies. They will have no need to drill. They now have an IPI (iranian pakistan indian pipeline) Just in case of the threat from Israel, they will trade with those nations. ... -
People who spontaneously combust if their system crashes- Debian ...
By lanteran
Seriously though, it's a solid server OS but I wouldn't recommend it for the majority of desktop users, as it tends to be out of date on release day. Use it for nuclear fusion containment fields. ...
The Blog of Lanteran -
Le blog - Кандмінімум
By Фрателло з Сиракузів
Controlled nuclear fusion. 2. High-temperature and room-temperature superconductivity (HTSC and RTSC). 3. Metallic hydrogen. Other exotic substances. 4. Two-dimensional electron liquid (anomalous Hall effect and other effects). ...
Le blog -

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A Multiplatform Framework for Real-Time Applications in Nuclear ...
Framework for Real Time Control in Nuclear Fusion experiments” IEEE. Trans. Nucl . ... intelligent shell concept: the clean-mode-control” Nuclear Fusion Vol. ... - What happens when nuclear fusion occurs
Physics question: What happens when nuclear fusion occurs? when the nuclear fusion occurs then small nuclei fuse together to form complex nuclei and along ...
High Heat Of Fusion |
advantages of nuclear fusion: Sun image by KPICKS from Fusion ... example of nuclear fusion: FusionFusion is the process of joining two atomic ...
"Radiation" - The use of Nuclear Fusion Technology in
Nuclear fusion powers the stars. The Sun through nuclear fusion provides heat energy for the Earth so that it can attain suitable temperatures for the ...
Sciencepaper Online - Papers - Nuclear Fusion Engineering
There are 0 papers published in subject: Nuclear Science and Technology > Nuclear Fusion Engineering since this site started. ...
Fusion+google+com | BlueClassifiedAds
nuclear fusion Process by which nuclear reactions between light elements form heavier ones, releasing huge amounts of energy ...
Introduction to plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion by ...
Download "Introduction to plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion by F F chen" from Usenet. DOWNLOAD Free register and download UseNet downloader, ...

Region alternative energy sites part of national tour

Two Rivers Water Company Unveils Water, Farming and Alternative Energy ...
MarketWatch (press release)
As part of the purchase, Two Rivers is unveiling its Water, Farming and Alternative Energy strategy. The $3100000 purchase, scheduled to close before the ...
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Hybrid Energy Reports Progress on Operational Restructuring: Shift to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... restructuring and resource deployment to Alternative Energy Sources, including PV and Solar Thermal Market and the Heavy Oil Extraction markets. ...
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Region alternative energy sites part of national tour
Gary Post Tribune
On Saturday, he and six other Northwest Indiana residents will show off their alternative energy systems as part of a free, self-guided solar tour. ...
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Residential vertical wind turbines and solar panels designs for the home ...
Healthy Financial Habits
Installing an alternative energy source in your home not only reduces your monthly electric bill, but it also can add up to huge savings this tax season. ...
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Alternative Energy Monthly Deal Analysis: M&A And Investments Trends ...
OfficialWire (press release)
by Press Office The "Alternative Energy Monthly Deals Analysis: M&A and Investments Trends - September 2010" report is an essential source of data and trend ...
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Military's need is boon for alternative-fuel firms
Arizona Republic
Military branches are exploring a variety of alternative-energy sources, with algae fuels likely to be in the mix. Earlier this month, the Navy received a ...
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Global Call for Alternative Energy Gives Rise to Geothermal Exploration
PR Web (press release)
XDT now providing proven seismic analytical services to increase success rates of geothermal drilling projects. XDT – Ten Dimensional Technologies - is ...
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Order Eliminates Taxes on Energy Projects
Youngstown Business Journal
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Alternative energy production in Ohio got a boost Wednesday from Gov. Ted Strickland, who signed an executive order implementing the ...
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Fireman's Fund Green Insurance Appetite Broadening to Include Alternative ...
Insurance News Net (press release)
Alternative energy equipment that Fireman's Fund will insure includes solar photovoltaic panels, fuel cells, wind turbines and ground source heat pumps. ...
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Sen. Graham's Plan for Clean-Energy Bill Could Drain RES Support
New York Times
Lindsey Graham made plans to introduce an alternative energy measure that could draw Republican supporters. The South Carolina Republican plans to float a ...
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Wind power service firm expanding
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
New Berlin — A Danish firm's expansion is giving Wisconsin another player in the manufacturing sector geared towardalternative energy. ...
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New program specializing in renewable energy offered at St. Anne's
Seaforth Huron Expositor
"It is my hope to see St. Anne's have some sort of alternative energy within the school, whether it's solar or wind," said Tim Martens, SHSM lead with the ...
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Schneider Electric Sees Green in Energy Efficiency
... solutions and services will play a much larger role than alternative energy in achieving major cost savings for industrial and commercial facilities. ...
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A sunny day in Acushnet
The alternative-energy system went on after a new roof was installed. Fire Chief Kevin Gallagher said at Tuesday's ceremony that the solar system easily ...
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Winning the Race for Renewable Energy
Huffington Post (blog)
When it comes to alternative energy sources, I am most familiar with ethanol because my IndyCar runs on that alternative fuel. ...
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Japan supports Yemen on clean energy project
Yemen Observer
Deputy Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Hisham Sharaf confirmed the government's eagerness to benefit from the use of alternative energy ...
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Denmark's Climate Commission calls for fossil fuel elimination
The document recommends massively increasing the use of alternative energy forms, for example biomass and wind farms, and suggests strategies that should be ...
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$1.7M awarded to 4 area firms
Toledo Blade
By LARRY P. VELLEQUETTE Nearly 800 existing and new employees of four area alternative-energy companies are to receive $1.7 million in job training ...
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Don't discriminate against oil and gas – Saudi Aramco
Petroleum Economist
SAUDI Aramco has called for "complete and rational assessment" of alternative energy sources as it outlines plans for boosting its own oil and gas reserves. ...
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GOP ad campaign backs Aiona
Honolulu Star-Advertiser
The RGA's advertising has reinforced Aiona's message on alternative energy and public education and his background as a judge. Yesterday the RGA released ...
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New Chip Set Maximizes Efficiency of Solar Arrays (NSM, WFR, GE, FSLR)
24/7 Wall St. (blog)
The issue of intermittency is well-known in alternative energy circles. Solar panels don't work when the sun doesn't shine, nor do wind turbines when the ...
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Thermal Energy Q4 shows increased sales, profit
Ottawa Business Journal
Alternative energy provider Thermal Energy posted a substantial increase in both sales and profit year-over-year in its fiscal fourth quarter, according to ...
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Ottawa Business Journal
Barbados' potential to save millions of dollars
... Wednesday September 29, 2010 – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) says Barbados has the potential to generate enough alternative energy to save ...
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UJ: Solar racing can be fun
The Solar Challenge seeks to drive science development of alternative energy by racing solar and hybrid vehicles across SA and the leading team has been the ...
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Mosher: Stimulus plan is working
“I think we can bring it close to home, by investing in alternative energy,” Mosher said. “Right in our own backyard in Livonia, we had the A123 plant that ...
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Schwarzenegger signs bill guaranteeing community college transfers to Cal State
Los Angeles Times
With one day left to sift through 500 bills, the governor OKs measures on alternative-energy storage and preventing patient radiation overdoses. ...
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Los Angeles Times
Candidates answer questions concerning coal reliance
The Exponent
District 4, Democrat “More alternative energy sources and conservation must both be pursued. I will work to force the federal government to use its large ...
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TechPrecision lands $4M order for solar sector
Mass High Tech
TechPrecision makes these components for use in the alternative energy, medical, nuclear, defense, industrial and aerospace industries.
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Business Beat: Ashland Alliance annual meeting to be on riverboat
Huntington Herald Dispatch
... together energy innovators and investors to explore potential business opportunities and topics related to the growing business of alternative energy. ...
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Quantum named CleanTech OC Company of the Year
OC Metro
Among the day's offerings: Quantum CFO Brian Olson gave an overview of the alternative energy firm's long-term clean-fuel technologies and its participation ...
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Renewable Energy: Wind Power | Alternative Energy Advantages
By admin
A Dorky Engineering Student explains how a homebuilt wind turbine create usable Electrical Power.
Alternative Energy Advantages -
Green appetite expands include alternative energy equipment
By loansinsurancetipsdotcom
Fireman's Fund Insurance Company, the first property and casualty insurance company to offer green insurance to the US.
Loan Insurance News Tips -
Alternative energy through artificial trees | comfortanle footwear
By carol
A technique called nanotechnology used artificial trees to create alternative energy. Generation of alternative energy is considered to be a problem in many countries. With advances in technology, scientists can detect artificial trees ...
comfortanle footwear -
Attempt 2 Alternative Energy Sources
By admin
Video Rating: 0 / 5Read more:Introduction to Net Metering – Getting Value from Your Home Alternative EnergySourcesgeography of hope – alternative energy sourcesScene 10 – More Alternative Energy SourcesAlternative Energy Sources ...
Clean Energy Market Emerges for India's Rural Poor | Alternative ...
By Vincent
The market for clean energy products is growing among India's rural poor, a massive segment that consists of 114 million households and more than 60 percent of the nation's population of 1.15 billion, according to a new report. ...
Alternative Energy Mutual Funds -
Gas Hydrate Alternative Energy | Green Energy and You
By admin
10 Responses to “Gas Hydrate Alternative Energy”. dzgfdg says: September 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm. if it aint hot enough to burn him, it aint good. Log in to Reply. bandizzly says: September 29, 2010 at 1:32 pm ...
Green Energy and You -
Alternative Energy Investments – How They Can Reap Profits | MoSo ...
By mosotech
by edibleoffice Alternative Energy Investments - How They Can Reap Profits Business hunches are catching on the unfolding attraction of.
MoSo Technology Blog -
The RowRay Landcart — Wheels For Those With Stronger Arms Than ...
By admin
Images via Gizmag For anyone who likes the idea of biking as transportation, but would rather row than pedal, there's a cool concept just for you -- the.
Alternative Energy Newswire -
Fireman's Fund Broadens Green Appetite to Include Alternative ...
By james
“We are also focused on alternative energy risk management to help our insureds' deal with the exposures surroundingalternative energy systems, including theft, weather damage and fire department access to buildings with these devices ...
Insurance For Less -
Wind Energy | Introduction To Alternative Energy Resources ...
By admin
The onset of worldwide warming and surroundings-compromising scenario has led a lot of people to resort to alternative energy resources. Not like fossil fuels t.
Renewable Energy Resources -
If we invested more in developing alternative energy during the ...
By admin
Remember it was Reagan who cut back significantly the funds to develop alternative energy in the early 1980s. Now we have this distaster that is.
Home Wind Power Kits, Home Wind... -
Clean Energy Stocks -News and Trends in Greentech and Renewable ...
The directory includes info and links on Alternative Energy Funds, Biogas and Ethanol Stocks, Energy Efficiency Stocks, Flywheel Stocks, Fuel Cell Stocks, Geothermal Stocks, Hydrogen Production, Micro Turbine Stocks, Solar Stocks, ...
Clean Energy Stocks -News and... -
itlifeview » Are Alternative Energy Homes The Future?
By admin
But if you think of the alternative energy home as an investment you can't go wrong. The price for your home will go up and your expenses are reduced and that's what every home owner wants, increase the market value and reduce costs. ...
itlifeview -
Green Energy : Alternative Energy & Green House Plans | Real ...
By Admin
Alternative energy sources and green house plans include incorporating tank-less water heaters, recycled lumber,
Real Estate Investing -
Solution To Pollution | An Introduction To 4 Sources Of ...
By admin
Although there are several other types of alternative energy currently being looked at, these are 4 of the top sources being considered. To convert from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy may seem expensive at first, ...
Secret of World Pollution -

Web 5 new results for "alternative energy" Alternative Energy: alternative energy, geothermal
Learn how P&G uses a portfolio approach to determine the best renewable and alternative energy solutions for our operations. - Find Alternative Energy Sources Online | Visit ...
This enterprise is dedicated to develop an alternative source of energy that is Eco-friendly. It`s mainly manufacturing solar panels to begin a new...
Ljubisa Stevanovic, GE Global Research, to Keynote iNEMI ...
... of industry discussions at the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative`s (iNEMI`s) Alternative Energy Workshop, October 20-21 in San Jose. ...
- Sunny days ahead for alternative energy | blogs
Tags: The Green Scene | alternative energy | OFM | progress energy | solar energy. Having a solar farm to power a business is is generating more than just ...
Fireman's Fund Green Insurance Appetite Broadening to Include ...
Alternative energy equipment that Fireman's Fund will insure includes solar ... "We are also focused on alternative energyrisk management to help our ...