Friday, September 03, 2010

Personal energy systems: Are we there yet?

The future of mail: world's first 'intelligent' stamp issued in Britain

Britain's Royal Mail issued this week what it calls the "world's first intelligent stamp." Read the full story

Personal energy systems: Are we there yet?

The idea of a personal energy system is pure genius. You put a few solar panels on the roof and harness excess electricity for use at night. Read the full story

Food service company challenges chefs to source locally

Bon Appetit Management challenges cafe operations to source from more 1,000 local farm and food operations by 2011. Read the full story

Darpa's top hacker works to protect Pentagon from WikiLeaks and others

That whole WikiLeaks expose was embarrassing for the Pentagon. So they turned to Darpa, who turned to an in-house hacker to prevent future leaks. Read the full story

California smart meters work fine -- it's the utility that needs work

In a closely watched report, an independent investigator found that smart meters installed by Pacific Gas & Electric work as they should. Read the full story

Global disparity in access to broadband infrastructure, UN report says

A massive global disparity exists for the cost to access a fixed broadband Internet connection, according to new United Nations figures. Read the full story

Stephen Hawking: God did not create universe

Defying Issac Newton, theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking argues in a new book that God did not create the universe. Read the full story

Metformin result shows everything old is new again

If you're a smoker you could one day be treated with this diabetes drug and greatly reduce your risk of death from lung cancer. Read the full story

New space race is on: private versus private spacecraft

The is a groundswell of private space ventures underway. One group, based in Denmark, plans a test launch possibly as soon as this weekend. Read the full story

A chlorine-free way to make industrial, household chemicals

MIT researchers have figured out a way to remove chlorine from the process of making industrial and household chemicals. Read the full story

Are corporate sustainability efforts worth it?

A respected management professor says profits should trump public interests, because social welfare will ultimately be served. Read the full story

Absorbent robots could prove vital in next oil spill clean up

Researchers at MIT have developed independent robots that use a revolutionary nanomaterial to absorb considerable amounts of oil. Read the full story

Pioneers, and the rich, who funded space

Private funding of space travel will become common, a NASA economist predicts. Read the full story

Insurers want more of what some hospitals have

For costs to be controlled someone must have pricing power on the buy side. Read the full story

Another explosion blasts on offshore rig in Gulf of Mexico

Explosion occurs on a Mariner Energy platform off the coast of central Louisiana. Read the full story

What we're reading...

Self-assembling solar cells; Ecstasy for PTSD; big box growing centers; value-added teacher data; most ambitious transport projects. Read the full story

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