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Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy
Nevada Business Journal
Customers can also obtain rebates and loans for alternative energy projects they install on their homes and businesses. Far from dragging its feet in ...
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Nevada Business Journal
Keating: Less military spending, more alternative-energy investment needed
The Patriot Ledger
... like alternative energy development, a national high-speed rail system and retrofitting public buildings to improve energy efficiency, he said. ...
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Old Fenton Chrysler plant may become alternative energy business park
AP • September 2, 2010 FENTON, Mo. (AP) — St. Louis County is in discussions with a consortium of business developers interested in the former Chrysler...
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Alternative energy projects, including two in Dauphin County, receive funding
Some $20.5 million of state and federal money will benefit 40 diverse energy projects including two in Dauphin County, resulting in 1400 jobs to ...
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New Oriental Energy & Chemical Corp. Responds to NASDAQ Request for Plan to ...
MarketWatch (press release)
... improving market conditions for its key fertilizer andalternative energy products that have developed recently after several quarters of poor results. ...
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Environmentalists stunned by failures of key measures in Legislature
Los Angeles Times
Activists expected big gains, but a ban on plastic grocery bags, another on a chemical used in baby bottles and a bid to boost alternative energy fell short...
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Agreement PennFuture Negotiated with Duquesne Light Brings Green Energy ...
MarketWatch (press release)
That's why it's so important that the Pennsylvania General Assembly pass legislature to increase our once-groundbreaking Alternative Energy Portfolio ...
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Alternative energy group submits proposal to buy Chrysler Plant in Fenton
A development group has plans to build a technology park, hosting businesses that use, make or research and develop alternative energy. ...
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Alternative fuels still face hurdles
Aviation International News
While such flights provide a boost to the quest foralternative energy, this would-be industry faces deeper issues as it attempts to achieve relevancy in ...
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Wind turbine whirls up opportunities for research
K-State Collegian
Lauer said the bigger aspect is exposure and said the donation gets the university thinking about alternative energy. “If it's somewhere that we can see it ...
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Harry Reid and Energy Legislation: Bet on a Lame Duck Session
American Thinker (blog)
GENCO's engage Developers of "alternative energyresources" to solicit bids and to ascertain project costs, schedules and related particulars 4. ...
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North Myrtle Beach to host wind energy conference
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The city of North Myrtle Beach has been working to put up wind turbines as an alternative energy source, and now they're ...
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Thailand Energy Authorities to Finance Research on Algae Biofuel
Closely on its heels, the Alternative EnergyDevelopment and Efficiency Department might be funding the research and development towards algae biofuel. ...
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Bringing Light to India's Rural Areas
New York Times
Alternative energy, like wind, biomass and solar, accounts for less than 8 percent of India's power generation. Yet the need for more clean energy in India...
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Senate candidates' responses on specific topics
San Jose Mercury News
Boxer opposes Proposition 23 and said Fiorina's indecision could turn into a missed opportunity for the US to take the lead in developing alternative-energy...
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A camp of energy purity
The Day Weekly Digest
“I wanted to have a first-hand experience of the functioning of devices that produce alternative energy. In addition, this activity is useful in terms of ...
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The Day Weekly Digest
Energy Efficient Club sets a Winning Example
Online PR News (press release)
A SPORTS club in Trafford is proving just how beneficial alternative energy can be, thanks to a grant from the ScottishPower Green Energy Trust. ...
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Energy Study
BAR HARBOR — A grant-funded alternative energyfeasibility study to determine the possible economic and environmental benefits of solar and/or wind power...
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China, Russia agree to expand nuclear power cooperation
Reuters Africa
China is making a big push for nuclear power and otheralternative energy sources to reduce its over-reliance on dirty coal. It is building more nuclear ...
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Conservation beats alternatives
Waterbury Republican American
Suddenly, all the slogans, sound bites and pie-in-the-sky claims he'd heard for years about the advantages and viability of alternative energy were ...
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Xynergy Holdings Announces New Subsidiary, HydroFuels, Inc.
MarketWatch (press release)
... revenue generating opportunities not only beyond the energy sector, but also explore those possibilities within the alternative energy sector itself. ...
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Salt Palace solar array paying off before it's built
Salt Lake Tribune
“This particular industry — whether it is wind energy oralternative energy — is big business, which means big conventions.” The news came on the sunny ...
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Rivera, Garcia square off on issues
García, who before announcing his candidacy in April worked for the Department of Energy in Washington, said there is a need to focus on alternative energy ...
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XcelPlus Changes Name
Solar Industry
by SI Staff on Wednesday 01 September 2010 XcelPlus Global Holdings Inc., an alternative energyand renewable energy solutions company, says the company's ...
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Local property owner produces solar power for EPUD
Creswell Chronicle
For anyone interested in following in Sly'salternative energy footsteps, basic information about system qualifications and the grants, ...
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Creswell Chronicle
Ireland Has Guinness and Lots of Wind Power
Tiny Green Bubble
Why it's John Travers, CEO of Alternative EnergyResources and author of the book “Green & Gold – Ireland a Clean Energy World Leader? ...
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Holland fights for right to make local energy decisions
... Michigan Public Service Commission that said the city doesn't need the expanded capacity and didn't explore alternative energy sources deeply enough. ...
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Texas: Edwards Defends Department of Energy (blog)
... expanding nuclear plants), and support further development of alternative energy sources," Flores' campaign manager, Matt Mackowiak, said in an e-mail....
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Five clean energy technologies currently in the works
Energy Digital
New Energy believes, “Our MotionPower™ devices are engineered as a practical and useful alternative energy technology for generating clean electricity from...
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Gazprom's Profit Triples
Wall Street Journal
Gazprom supplies around a quarter of Europe's gas needs, though its market share dropped last year due to the inflow of alternative energy sources. ...
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What a misanthropic bunch of stunts
The Arctic may ultimately only be able to provide part of that respite, but it will still be invaluable at a time when alternative energytechnologies like ...
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State moves to curb hazards alternative energy sites pose for ...
With its sharp talons, powerful beak and 7-foot wingspan, the golden eagle is one of Arizona's fiercest and most imposing birds of prey.
End of grant program could slow alternative energydevelopment
The wind always seems to blow on the Snake River plain, keeping this high-desert landscape of sage, potatoes and sugar beet plants forever in motion.
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Alternative energy is an emerging field, and is also known as green energy, renewable energy or clean energy. As the traditional “fossil fuels” that have ...

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