Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Facing drought, San Diego cuts water consumption by 11 percent

The future of air transport: Airbus unveils concept airplane for 2030

Airbus has unveiled its vision of the future of flying in 2030: a concept plane that's sleek, slim and smart. Read the full story

Green gambling: online betting to fund renewable energy

New internet bookie Green Bet donates 100 percent of profits to clean energy projects and environmental groups. Is it feeding bad habits? Read the full story

Researchers develop 'smart' metal alloy; 175% more efficient cooling systems

Researchers at the University of Maryland have developed a new, "smart" metal alloy could help cool homes 175 percent more efficiently. Read the full story

California farm harvests new revenue, prunes waste

By making better use of historical data, Sun World has reduced water consumption, improved crop yields and grown its customer base by 20 percent. Read the full story

Facing drought, San Diego cuts water consumption by 11 percent

In an example of urban water conservation, the city of San Diego has cut its consumption by 11 percent. Read the full story

Honda promises electric vehicles soon, but won't give up on hydrogen

With hydrogen cars still a ways off, Honda is now promising to bring plug-in hybrids and EVs to market within two years. Read the full story

Global shipping industry: Transporting microscopic invaders

Invasive marine species find a free ride across oceans in a ship's ballast tank, but these stowaways can cause serious problems when they propagate. Read the full story

Happy Birthday to NASA's moon mission

But when do humans get to go back to the moon? Read the full story

Siemens lands $8.9 million DOE grant for carbon capture

The U.S. Department of Energy has awarded Siemens Energy an $8.9 million grant to capture carbon at American coal-fired plants. Read the full story

Will the health industry see a perp walk?

Johnson & Johnson, makers of Tylenol, has gotten a federal subpoena over investigations of its drug recalls. Read the full story

India earmarks $11 billion for six next-gen AIP submarines

India has earmarked $11 billion for the purchase of six next-generation air-independent propulsion, or AIP, submarines. Read the full story

Can a taxi company be 'green'?

SF Green Cab's GM Athan Rebelos says, "When I heard that Green Cab was getting Priuses, I literally chuckled, that will never work." Read the full story

At the Science Channel, a STEM renaissance reaches the small screen

The Science Channel is moving to revive the nation's interest in science, with a little help from Morgan Freeman. Read the full story

Google, NextEra Energy strike deal for 114MW of wind power

The first Google Energy deal has been made, and it's for 114 megawatts of wind power from NextEra Energy. Read the full story

What we're reading...

Oregon's wind power problem; redesigning the LED light; Detroit: greenest city in America?; BP's risky buy; a pro-drilling environmentalist. Read the full story

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