Thursday, October 14, 2010

Study: crowds have intelligence, which can be measured

DARPA's flying Humvee: Transformer concept

The agency wants to combine a humvee and a helicopter to make soldiers safer. Read the full story

How much does murder cost?

The average cost of a murder tops $17.2 million, according to a new study that calculated the monetary costs of criminal careers. Read the full story

Walmart's answer to the health care crisis: mini-clinic partnerships

For its low-cost retail clinics, Walmart leases store space to independent local hospitals or health systems. Read the full story

Study: crowds have intelligence, which can be measured

Researchers find groups have intelligence, but it has little to do with the IQ of individual members. Read the full story

Infrastructure report: now is the time to invest in roads and rails

US government report urges putting idled construction industry people and resources to work on a more globally competitive transportation system. Read the full story

Startup Rentricity recovers energy from water systems

Manhattan based start-up Rentricity is recovering wasted energy from municipal water systems. Read the full story

Trade official: Cleantech central to forthcoming U.S. export push

During a keynote at the Cleantech New York Forum, a U.S. trade director says new programs to be unveiled within the month will center on accelerating the role of smaller companies in trade abroad. Read the full story

Scientists test world's most powerful laser for fusion experiment

A small-scale fusion experiment is underway in California. Read the full story

Can bio-asphalt cut the petroleum out of pavement? Des Moines investigates

The city of Des Moines is using part of a popular bicycle trail to test bioasphalt developed by an Iowa State University researcher. Read the full story

Can injecting trees with microchips help save the Amazon?

As Brazil privatizes some of it rainforest, microchipped trees in one patch of the Amazon are tracking sustainably harvested wood from grove to grave. Read the full story

New greenwashing guides for renewable energy

The Federal Trade Commission addresses renewable energy in their greenwashing guidelines for the first time. What does "renewable" mean to you? Read the full story

Analyst: Home energy dashboards aren't 'wave of the future'

Eric Wesoff, a senior analyst with Greentech Media, says people will not want to invest extra time in their busy lives looking at an energy usage. Read the full story

With 'Smart Center,' Toyota seeks to link homes, utilities, electric vehicles

Toyota's getting into the smart grid business with "Smart Center," a home energy management solution that links electric cars to homes and utility companies. Read the full story

How a man-punching robot will help keep humans safe

Did that hurt? How about now? How Read the full story

New GE 'cruise control' for trains helps railroads sip fuel

Much like cruise control for cars, GE's new technology can calculate the speed at which a locomotive will save the most fuel. Read the full story

Live video of the Chilean mine rescue

Updates on the Chilean mine rescue. Read the full story

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