Friday, November 26, 2010

New Release: Zaber's T-G-LSM Series Gantry System

* 100 or 200 mm travel per axis (custom lengths available) * Low profile – 70 mm overall height * Customizable – add another Zaber stage for a Z-axis

Zaber's Gantries are designed for multi-axis applications where load and travel requirements exceed the rated cantilever load specs of Zaber's simpler XY or XYZ systems. In addition, Zaber's Gantries are designed for use where access is required to the entire area under the system. A synchronized pair of lead-screws provide very low backlash and high stiffness. Gantry systems include a baseplate with a full M6 on 25 mm grid of mounting holes, integrated high flex cable and cable management system.

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