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Chell Instruments Ltd

Chell Instruments Ltd
Folgate House
Folgate Road
North Walsham
NR28 0AJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01692 500555
Fax: 01692 500088

Specialising in the fabrication and intrumentating of medium and UHV vacuum systems for over 30 years, Chell also manufacture miniature K-Cells and needle valves. Our UKAS calibration lab. has the lowest uncertainties for vacuum in the UK.

Chell's convenient & fast UKAS Calibration Service:-

Chell’s BS/EN/ISO/IEC 17025 accredited Calibration Laboratory provides a comprehensive service for Vacuum, Pressure and Gas Flow measuring, controlling and generating instrumentation
Our calibration standards have been developed to provide a service having some of the lowest uncertainties in their fields, providing our customers with the greatest confidence in their “bought-in” uncertainties.
Requirements for reduced operational uncertainties in industries such as pharmaceuticals, power generation and aerospace are best achieved by using the Chell Calibration Laboratory for periodic calibration of your Standards.
Chell also offers a UKAS accredited on-site gas flow calibration service with similarly low uncertainties, allowing in-situ calibration of line or production flowmeters with the minimum of disturbance to workflow.
Flow Rate – gas: Flows from 0.001 to 3600 litre/min with traceability to National standards in the EU.
Typical instruments calibrated are:-
Thermal Mass Flow Meters
Variable area meters (Rotameters)
Coriolis flow meters
Turbine flow meters
Orifice plate / venturi flow meters
Piston provers / bubble-meters

Vacuum: This is amongst the most difficult pressure measurements to undertake.
Chell is accredited to perform vacuum calibrations down to 1.3x10-4 Pa (1x10-6 Torr), employing a range of fundamental and Transfer Standards.
Typical gauges calibrated are:-
Pirani & thermocouple gauges
Capacitance Manometers
Cold Cathode & Ion gauges
Vacuum transducers & transmitters
Vacuum switches
Spinning rotor gauges

Gas Pressure – Absolute: Chell currently has the lowest commercially available uncertainties for barometric region pressure calibration in Europe, achieved through the use of our accredited Schwien mercury manometers.

We are able to both generate and measure pneumatic pressures over the barometric range with a measurement uncertainty of ±0.0020% + 0.25 Pa.
Typical sensors calibrated are:-
Resonant and quartz bourdon type transducers
Vibrating element transducers
Precision pressure generators & transfer standards
Air Data Test Sets
Pitot Static Test Sets
Pressure Scanners, both high & medium density
High accuracy capacitance manometers
Precision aneroid barometers
Standard test gauges
Digital pressure indicators, calibrators & controllers
Gas Pressure – Gauge: We are able to both generate and measure pneumatic gauge pressures over the range 0 kPa to 7MPa with the lowest measurement uncertainties available outside National Standards.

Our gauge pressure facility uses standards having three fundamentally different principles which provides us with excellent cross-comparison opportunities to reduce our uncertainties yet further.
Typical gauge devices calibrated are:-
Pressure transducers & transmitters
Inclined manometers
Capacitance manometers
Gauge pressure switches
Gas Pressure – True Differential: Chell are, we believe, the only calibration laboratory in the World to have two accredited Schwien Merco-Master manometers working side-by-side. This facility affords us the ability to both measure and generate differential pressures over the range +/- 190 kPa with uncertainties well below 30ppm.
These safety critical instruments are routinely calibrated:-
Airspeed indicators
Rate of Climb (or Vertical Speed) Indicators
Ps channels of Air Data Test Sets and Pitot Static Testers

… .. as well as differential pressure transducers, transmitters and dp cells
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For more information on Chell's calibration services, please contact Jamie Shanahan or Paul Marks.

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