Thursday, January 06, 2011

Model 24C Cryogenic Temperature Controller

The Model 24C is a four-input, four control loop cryogenic temperature controller designed for general purpose laboratory and industrial use.

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Highlights of the Model 24C:

*Four multipurpose input channels support Diode, Platinum RTD and most cryogenic NTC resistive temperature sensors. Thermocouple inputs are optional.

*Operation from 250mK to over 1500K with an appropriate sensor. Constant-Voltage, AC excitation of resistive sensors minimizes errors and extends their useful temperature range.

*Four control loops: Loop #1: 50-Watt, three range, Loop #2: 10-Watt, Loops #3 and #4: non-powered.

*Large, bright and highly configurable display.

*Synchronous input filter improves control accuracy and stability in cryocooler based systems.

*Two dry-contact relay outputs.

*Data logging to internal Non-Volatile memory.

*Fail-safe cryostat protection features protect user equipment from damage.
Table mode control automatically switches the loop input sensor to allow smooth, continuous control over a wide range of temperature.

*Remote interfaces include 100/10 Ethernet and RS-232. IEEE-488.2 (GPIB) and USB are optional.

*Remote command language is IEEE SCPI compliant.

*National Instruments, Inc. LabVIEW™ drivers are available for all interfaces.

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