Thursday, December 02, 2010

Anatomy of a smart city, from automation to waste

Anatomy of a smart city, from automation to waste

New research report outlines the nine fundamental technology solutions that will underpin smart cities of the future. by Heather Clancy Read the full story

The secret government computer network that made Wikileaks' cable release possible

The political fallout from Wikileaks' release of hundreds of thousands of diplomatic cables will steal countless headlines over the coming weeks. But what about Siprnet, the secret government network that made these leaks possible? Read the full story

With battlefield sounds, preparing soldiers for war

To prepare soldiers for the cacophony of battle, researchers have created an "immersive audio environment" for military combat training. Read the full story

Lufthansa to fly on biofuel

Starting in April, a Lufthansa airbus will take to the sky on a biofuel blend between Frankfurt and Hamburg, Germany. But will it fly economically? Read the full story

Superbugs secrete toxins that make you sick

When staphylococcus bacteria invades the body, it produces toxins called superantigens. It's more complex than scientists previously thought. by Boonsri Dickinson Read the full story

Green nanotech with cinnamon

Making gold nanoparticles with cinnamon could open the door to green nanotechnology. by Boonsri Dickinson Read the full story

For stroke victims, promising new technologies

SmartPlanet's crack team of videographers visited hospitals and universities in California in search of new technologies to help stroke patients. Here's what they found. Read the full story

Building a better windmill through design

Windmills have assumed the same basic form for centuries: long vertical axles crowned with rectangle-shaped blades. Now, a start-up is preparing to exceed 10 megawatts (MW) this summer by utilizing wind along the full length of a tower. by David Worthington Read the full story

The 'Love Hormone' intensifies the way men remember their moms

In men who already have anxieties about Mom, oxytocin exacerbates bad childhood memories. The drug, once marketed as Trust in a Bottle and used to treat people with social phobias, may not be a universal panacea for attachment. Read the full story

Wind, solar to grab bigger chunk of energy distribution

The renewable distributed energy generation (RDEG) market will triple and become more of a viable alternative to traditional power generation. Read the full story

A personalized vaccine to combat cancer's tumors

Dartmouth scientists have developed a new process to create a personalized vaccine that could help cancer patients fight their own tumors. by Andrew Nusca Read the full story

Four reasons new product launches fail

Half of all new products fail within three years. Is this a bad thing? by Joe McKendrick Read the full story

Tactile touchscreens: Will they work?

Microsoft Research has filed for a patent on a touchscreen that would have a thin layer of plastic that would change topography based on the image. Read the full story

An enzyme leads the dance of immortality and death

It may be possible to add telomerase to the human body and halt the aging process. But the word for that may well be cancer. by Dana Blankenhorn Read the full story

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