Sunday, December 05, 2010

Urban transportation systems, reconsidered

As the population exodus continues toward megacity centers, the Forum for the Future offers insight and planning tips for smart city planners. by Heather Clancy Read the full story
Researchers are finding toxic lead in used consumer products. The levels are dangerous: 700 times higher than the federal limit. by Boonsri Dickinson Read the full story
NASA scientists have discovered and developed bacteria that eat and grow on a diet of arsenic, redefining what scientists believe constitutes life. by Andrew Nusca Read the full story
MIT researchers use a solar photovoltaic panel to power pumps that move seawater through a permeable membrane that removes salt to produce clean drinking water. Read the full story
As biofuel tax credits set to expire, senators from both parties fall on both sides of the ethanol debate. Renew the boost for corn-based fuels or put a boondoggle to bed? Read the full story
Ingesting parasitic worms may help alleviate symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease, which causes ulcers in the colons of over half a million Americans. Read the full story
Web site and iPhone app allow students, scientists and naturalists track the comings and goings of flora and fauna around the world. by Heather Clancy Read the full story

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