Saturday, December 11, 2010

SPIE Photomask Technology 2011

The Annual SPIE/BACUS Symposium is the premier worldwide technical conference and exhibition for the photomask industry. With the deep sub-wavelength era upon us, the industry's progress will depend on the successful integration and optimization of design, mask-making, and wafer fabrication.
Help solve the most pressing issues in:
Mask Infrastructure
+ Patterning
+ Resist & Resist Processing
+ Etch Techniques and Processing
+ Inspection
+ Cleaning
+ Repair
+ Metrology
Mask Integration
+ Double/Triple/Quadruple Patterning Techniques and Processes
+ Design for Manufacturing
+ Process Integration and Yield Optimization
+ Source/Mask Optimization (SMO)
+ Hyper-NA Applications
+ Substrate and Materials
+ Extreme NA/Immersion Applications
+ Reticle Enhancement and Optical Proximity Effects
+ Mask Data Preparation and Mask Rules Development
+ Advanced RET
+ DFM Opportunities for Fabless Applications
Emerging Mask Technology
+ Patterning
+ EUV Mask Materials
+ EUV Mask Infrastructure
+ Imprint
+ Gray Scale Technology
+ Mask Business and Management
+ Direct Write/Maskless Technology
Patterned Media
+ Metrology
+ Fabrication of Masters
+ Replication
+ Imaging Solutions and Techniques
+ Infrastructure
+ Photomask Applications
+ Hdd Implementation of High-Volume Manufacturing
+ Nano-Imprint Lithography Application
+ Template/Stamp Fabrication
+ Cost-of-Ownership Analysis

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