Tuesday, August 31, 2010

GE Water sustainability chief Jeff Fulgham: We need a price on water

GE Water sustainability chief Jeff Fulgham: We need a price on water

Why doesn't water get more attention? We talk with GE Power and Water chief sustainability officer Jeff Fulgham, who explains why water needs a new... Read the full story

For the first time, an artificial enzyme breaks down a natural poison

For the first time, University of Copenhagen researchers have developed an artificial enzyme that can neutralize a toxin that is found in fruits... Read the full story

CloudBlue CEO Ken Beyer: Bringing transparency, accountability to e-waste

What do companies do with their old electronics? They give them to CloudBlue CEO Ken Beyer, who reuses them, harvests from them or recycles them --... Read the full story

NASA remembers Hurricane Katrina

Five years after Katrina hit Louisiana, a video from Goddard Space Flight Center shows how NASA satellites captured the storm. by Deborah Gage Read the full story

Procter & Gamble's new packaging is pretty sweet. Literally.

Derived from sugarcane, the recyclable plastic will show up on beauty products starting in 2011. by Heather Clancy Read the full story

Obamacare support back down to May levels

Some 43% of those surveyed now support the law, while 45% oppose it, the poll found. Two months ago 50% supported it while 35% were opposed. by... Read the full story

NASA picks two firms for experimental flights

NASA has awarded $475,000 to Armadillo Aerospace and Masten Space Systems as part if its Commercial Reusable Suborbital Research Program (CRuSR)... Read the full story

John Deere sells its wind energy business to Exelon

John Deere Renewables has 36 completed wind projects under its belt in eight states. Total operational capacity for those projects is about 735... Read the full story

Flickr lends NASA's historical photos some distribution

Flickr, the Internet Archive and NASA have teamed up to surface 50 years of space history. by Larry Dignan Read the full story

For the deaf, new software brings sign language to cell phone video

In an effort to improve communication for the deaf, engineers at the University of Washington are developing software that transmits American Sign... Read the full story

Motive Industries to unveil Kestrel, an EV made from hemp

A Canadian company will debut their lightweight cannabis-composite car in September. Their hope? That the demand for electric vehicles will grow... Read the full story

The new fastest electric car on the planet hits 320mph

The Buckeye Bullet (from Ohio, of course) crushed the previous record by more than 60mph. by Dan Nosowitz Read the full story

Good idea? Feds propose grading cars on fuel efficiency

The Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Transportation have proposed new fuel economy labels with simple letter grades to rate... Read the full story

What we're reading...

Canada's largest solar rooftop; Google: $86 million for public housing; Large Hadron Collider; space privatization; Detroit's new direction. by... Read the full story

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