Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why the 21st century will be dominated by the city

You don't own all of your genes

Did you know that 20 percent of your genes are patented? Are patents necessary for innovation? Read the full story

Five years post-Katrina: Record asthma numbers led to new program

In a city already plagued with high rates of childhood asthma, Hurricane Katrina changed the landscape of the disease in New Orleans. Read the full story

Why the 21st century will be dominated by the city

In the 21st century, the world will be run by cities, not countries. Read the full story

Is the helium party over?

Nobel laureate Robert Richardson of Cornell University says the United States is squandering the Earth's limited supply of helium. Read the full story

Why do I cry? Research reveals evolutionary advantage to tears

Why do we cry? According to scientists, it's an evolutionary tool to give humans a leg up in natural selection. Read the full story

AT&T expands corporate solar capacity with help from SunEdison

The project -- part of the carrier's stepped-up renewable energy push -- offers an example of how businesses can offset energy costs. Read the full story

Why science should welcome Lamberth stem cell decision

The problem could be gone by October 1, but the law which resulted in this ruling was stupid to begin with and there is a lesson in that. Read the full story

Real time monitoring of your energy consumption

Would you conserve energy if you could monitor your consumption by the hour? Read the full story

A new way to find airline tickets

It eliminates the most expensive, least convenient flights -- although Southwest Airlines is missing. Read the full story

NASA invites citizens to vote for its outer-space soundtrack

Sorry, folks. "Do You Realize??" is not an option. Read the full story

Applied Materials claims semiconductor manufacturing breakthrough

A breakthrough allows chip makers to more easily separate electrical contacts and transistors on a processor. Read the full story

Survey: Half of corporate fleets now under emissions scrutiny

Managers are exercising caution when it comes to adopting alternative fuels. Read the full story

In Antarctica, a climate change time machine

Scientists are drilling deep underground in Antarctica to learn more about the ancient environment. Read the full story

Kyocera's do-it-yourself special: Use 'green curtains' to save energy, eat

Kyocera is big on "green curtains," vine plants that are erected to shade windows and cover walls. Read the full story

Head trauma could make football players end up with an ALS-like disease later in life

Boston University researchers identified an ALS-like condition that is seen in primarily in athletes. Read the full story

New York as tech startup center: Silicon Alley redux?

'Palo Alto is like Google -- big and established. New York City is like Foursquare -- not as big and growing...' Read the full story

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