Thursday, August 26, 2010

On Doomed Rig's Last Day, a Change of Plan

Electrical Air – New Alternative Energy Source
The air is loaded with electricity, so if scientists manage to collect it, it should be the newest alternative energy source. Just like solar cells capture ...
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Solar, Wind Power Groups Becoming Prominent Washington Lobbying Forces After ...
Center for Responsive Politics
By Cassandra LaRussa on August 25, 2010 4:41 PM In 1998, the entire alternative energy industry barely even registered as a political player in Washington, ...
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Central Valley gets alternative energy grants
Central Valley Business Times
The California Energy Commission has approved four awards that leverage more than $3.5 million in state funding with $9.5 million in private funds for ...
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Planners look at rules for alternative energy
Reading Eagle
The Bethel Township Planning Commission is looking at revising its alternative-energy regulations to address solar power, wind power and outdoor ...
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Lastest Alternative Energy News
Tom Wilt News
Continuous research and development of alternative energy could soon lead to a new era in human history in which two renewable sources — solar and wind ...
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J-S LETTER: We should focus on alternative energy, not war
Freeport Journal-Standard
All this provokes the imagination to ask oneself where would this country be if we had begun our endeavor into alternative energy eight years ago, ...
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Solar Energy Community Group Offers Pittsburgh Residents Solar Panel ...
Green Jobs Ready (blog)
Along with its solar discount program, the innovative alternative energy organization is also promoting Pennsylvania's numerous financial incentives that ...
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Important Trends in Alternative Energy Deals
Eco Institution (blog)
With his positions at UBS and his ample experiences, Stephen Trauber has a lot of insights to share. Last week's Energy Inc. conference was a great ...
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Eco Institution (blog)
Midland named No. 3 by national magazine for economic growth, alternative ...
The Saginaw News -
“Over the last several years, Midland has become a hotbed for alternative energy manufacturing,” Walker said. "We have a cohort of entrepreneurial ...
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The Saginaw News -
Households aging, homeowners choosing energy efficiency to protect against ...
AltEnergyMag (press release)
According to a survey by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory , more people are choosing alternative energy sources like wind and solar power. ...
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Egypt's Wind Ambitions Could Help Keep The Lights On
Wall Street Journal (blog)
... especially to heavy industry, Egypt should instead use the latest disruptions as an opportunity to fast track development ofalternative energy sources. ...
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Grayslake considers wind turbines for commercial and residential use
Grayslake Review
A model wind power ordinance is now being developed by the Alternative Energy Task Force of Lake County Communities along with a model solar energy power ...
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Zambia must invest in development of alternative energy - Siemens
He said the huge chunk of the funds would go towards the development of alternative energy in various African countries. Katheder said Siemens International ...
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Here's the wind, and the pitch
The Times of Trenton -
... year gave $43 billion to $46 billion of support to renewable energy through tax credits, guaranteed electricity prices andalternative energy credits. ...
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Egypt Chooses First Nuclear Plant Site
Voice of America
Power outages across the country in addition to depleting oil and gas resources have forced officials to consider alternative energy solutions.
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Budget update shows Pajaro Valley schools facing fiscal challenges
San Jose Mercury News
He recommended establishing a working group of district personnel to investigate alternative energy sources, such as solar power, and bring recommendations ...
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South Africa: Nation Still Largely in the Dark Over Energy Efficiency
The pillars of the energy management programme include electricity efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy andalternative energy, he says. ...
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Matinee Energy Partners with K+Company for Alternative Energy Plant
Matinee Energy, Inc has partnered with K&Company Co., Ltd. (K&C) towards constructing a solar energy plant with 40 MW capacity in California. ...
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Genetic map for switchgrass published, aids in study of biofuel
Bismarck Farm & Ranch Guide
By ANDREA JOHNSON, Assistant Editor As farmers wait to produce new alternative energy crops, some USDA Agri-cultural Research Service (ARS) scientists are ...
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Davidson incubator for alt energy expands
Creative Loafing (blog)
If the Charlotte-area really is going to be a green energy hub, lots of businesses are going to have to jump aboard thealternative energy bandwagon. ...
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IRTH Communications, LLC Client to Ring NASDAQ Opening Bell
MarketWatch (press release)
IRTH Communications provides Investor Relations, Financial Communications and Strategic Consulting services to companies focusing on alternative energy, ...
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Solar power plant to be opened in Crimea
NRCU - Ukrainian Radio
The president said earlier that the development of alternative energy was one of the most important national priorities. He said that the development of ...
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University receives largest grant ever
The Daily Collegian Online
Some of the factors LEED certification assesses are the distance the building's material was shipped, whether mail is delivered in an alternative energy ...
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It's Off to the Races at Molycorp
Resource Investor
These incredibly expensive metals are crucial for the manufacture of a variety of alternative energyhardware, as well as a number of military applications. ...
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Resource Investor
Argentina's Industrial Output Fell 1.8% in July on Gas Shortage, Fiel Says
Dow Chemical Co. and steelmaker Siderar SA were among the companies that closed plants, cut production or soughtalternative energy sources after ...
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UQM Names Former Chrysler Group COO Eric Ridenour as President and COO
Trading Markets (press release)
UQM Technologies, Inc., a developer of alternative energy technologies, announced that it has appointed Eric Ridenour, former Chief Operating Officer of the ...
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State government awards grants for work on renewable energy
Great Falls Tribune
The company has developed a process to convert biomass and waste gases into alternative energy and organic fertilizer. The proposed project involves growing ...
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Greenbank Should Be In Scotland Argues MSP
Scotland is the UK main source of alternative energy holding a large amount of wind farms. It has been suggested by SNP MSP Rob Gibson, ...
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Daewoo targets boom in offshore wind power
Business Green
... has announced that it is aiming to generate a third of its sales from wind power by 2020 as global demand for alternative energy continues to climb. ...
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Could the World Run on Solar and Wind Power?
Universe Today
... Ph.D., from the University of California Santa Barbara said that the continuous research and development of alternative energy could soon lead to a new ...
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The Next Alternative Energy Source: Electricity Out of Thin Air
By Christina Bonnington
It's been coined "hygroelectricity", which means "humidity electricity", and scientists are already in the early stages of developing devices to harness it. What is "it" exactly? "It" is electrically charged water droplets hanging in ...
Gizmodo -
Renewable Fuels for Alternative Energy | Green Energy Ideas
By admin
Renewable Fuels for Alternative Energy The Germans have really taken off when it comes to renewable fuel sources, and have become one of the.
Green Energy Ideas -
The Next Alternative Energy Source: Electricity Out Of Thin Air ...
By Christina Bonnington
It's been coined 'hygroelectricity', which means 'humidity electricity', and scientists are already in the early stages of developing devices to harn...
Gizmodo Australia -
Alternative Energy Forms of Energy | Alternative Energy Mutual Funds
By Vincent
In any form the you find most of this alternative energy they are mainly made in a natural way with an aboundant of it to power the whole world to a stage were you can rely on the availability for your life time. ...
Alternative Energy Mutual Funds -
Alternative Energy — Science@home
By Deb
Fossil fuels are major culprits behind climate change, there are many other ways of getting energy being investigated all around the world.
Science@home -
Alternative Energy | The Giant Reopens For Tours « Renewable ...
By admin
The Herald BulletinPENDLETON, Ind. - "The Giant," the alternative-energy house built near Pendleton more than 30 years ago, will reopen for tours.Sue Blakely, president of Earthship Corp., said tours of "The Giant" are being scheduled ...
Renewable Energy Resources -
A List Of Alternative Energy Sources - Free Daily News - Wiki Denmark
There is certainly a list of alternative energy sources which has been developed by environmentalists. Renowned resources are Solar energy and Wind Electric power. Making use of the solar energy, people just need to expose their ...
Wiki Denmark -
One | A DC Based Company - The Next Alternative Energy Source ...
By Mike Ginn is the web site for One | A DC Based Company. One is the new web site from Mike Ginn, the founder and several other successful web sites. The vision is simple. All great content under one site with easy to ...
One | A DC Based Company -
An Alternative Energy Education Method
By Anders Eriksson
The best method of educating young people about alternative energy production that this writer has ever witnessed is the use of the PicoTurbine Company's kits, books, and projects. The PicoTurbine Company produces these things for the ...
The Sources DOT org -
Fuel Cell Cars for Expo 2010 | Alternative Energy HQ
By newenergy
Alternative Energy issues and technology are crucial to the future of our planet. All the key technologies such as solar power, wind energy, biodiesel, bio fuels and more. Solar power for homes and cars is discussed in our postings.
Alternative Energy HQ -
Electricity collected from the air could become the newest ...
By News
"Our research could pave the way for turning electricity from the atmosphere into an alternative energy source for the future," said study leader Fernando Galembeck, Ph.D. His research may help explain a 200-year-old scientific riddle ...
Science Codex - Science news,... -
The Next Alternative Energy Source: Electricity Out of Thin Air ...
By admin
<img style="border-color: #B3B3B3; border-width: 0 1px 1px; border-style: none solid solid;" height="120" width="160" title="Click here to read The Next Alternative Energy Source: Electricity Out of Thin Air" alt="Click here to read The ...
gadgetsfyi -
US alternative energy initiative hits the skids
By judy
“The alternative energy industry is driven by start-up businesses creating a flow of new technology and developments that propel the industry forward,” Becker explained. “Pending legislation has brought this process to a halt, ...
Offshore -
Fuel Efficient Alternative Energy Cars | Music Evaluator
By admin Fuel efficient cars and alternative energy cars create fuel savings. Fuel savings achieved by driving fuel efficient cars and.
Music Evaluator -
Alternative Energy — Science@home | Wind Power Guide Blog
By Fasssdexgfred
Hydro generation – Water power is as old as wind with different types of water wheels. Hydro generators use dams or strong rivers to create a current and move the turbine directly. While water sounds lovely and natural, dams can have ..
Wind Power Guide Blog -
Fuel and energy – Learn to save Today Fund Alternative Energy ...
By admin
Alternative Energy Mutual Funds fuels and energy savings – learn today Save. fuel and energy is not as easy as it seems. The way to save is simple, the problem is just the person trying to save. We often forget the smallest of the means ...
Alternative and Renewable Energy news -

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Virginia Business - News: Developer envisions alternative energy ...
The developer who plans to purchase the former Ford Motor Co. truck plant in Norfolk outlined his vision Thursday for analternative energy park that he ...
Pennsylvania Gubernatorial Candidates Weigh in on Alternative ...
They are the indisputable signs of an alternative-energy economy taking shape. Whether the momentum continues will depend, some say, on who next occupies ...
PETE Process Promises Successful Technology Fusion
A new joint venture research work at Stanford and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, supported by Department of Energy DARPA has come up with a solar.
What are problems associated with alternative energy sources such ...
im doing a project for school and it asks what are the problems associated ... Solar panels are very expensive and the art of making them is far from perfect. ...

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