Monday, August 16, 2010

What France plans to do with its nuclear waste

What France plans to do with its nuclear waste

France's long-term storage plan for nuclear power waste moves along. American radioactive waste sits in wait for a permanent home. Read the full story

China tops U.S. in race to build wind power; Texas leads states

China bested the United States in 2009 in the race to install wind turbines, topping the U.S. in installed wind power capacity for the first time. Read the full story

Vegas' latest magic trick: boosting green in a desert of excess

Las Vegas' sustainability officer admits that his city--an 'island in the desert'--is not a very sustainable place. Read the full story

Johnson & Johnson on sustainability and the intersection of returns on investment

Johnson & Johnson has been articulating some form of corporate sustainability since 1943. Here's a look at the returns associated with modern-day initiatives. Read the full story

Researchers develop 'cryogen' energy storage system

British and Chinese researchers have developed a method of energy storage using liquid nitrogen to help handle brief demand spikes on the power grid. Read the full story

100 eco-friendliest colleges and universities

Vermont's Green Mountain College is at the head of the class. Stanford and Harvard also make the grade. Read the full story

NASA hurricane study may alert us to natural disasters earlier

Predicting a hurricane's path is (relatively) easy. But predicting whether a storm will turn into a hurricane? Near-impossible--at the moment. Read the full story

Falling dominoes: Influential hospitals can help speed adoption of electronic medical records

Persuading influential medical centers to adopt electronic medical records helps speed adoption by their neighboring hospitals. Read the full story

People feel more productive in green buildings, study says

People feel healthier and more productive when working in green, LEED-certified buildings, according to a new study. Read the full story

California solar power plans are breaking through red tape

State and federal agencies are in the process of approving over 4,500 megawatts of solar energy production capacity in California. Read the full story

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