Monday, August 23, 2010

Stomach the plastic pollution in the Western North Atlantic Ocean

Pentagon using biometrics for smarter warfare, facilities, business processes

Biometrics has taken the U.S. military by storm, both as a tool to fight war on the battlefield and as a way to make its business practices more efficient. Read the full story

Chemists create a better artificial nose to sniff out explosives and sour milk

Stanford chemists create fluorescent sensors on synthetic DNA to identify a large range of vapors. Read the full story

XsunX CEO Tom Djokovich: Why crystalline silicon solar's days are numbered

Within the burgeoning solar power industry, a technology war is underway: crystalline silicon vs. thin film cells. Read the full story

Recycling, packaging progress among Dell's 2010 sustainability achievements

Company has reset timeline with respect to eliminating certain hazardous materials. Read the full story

Economics of addiction and health reform

All the questions we have regarding physical health, and health reform, are seen in stark relief when we talk about addiction. Read the full story

Stomach the plastic pollution in the Western North Atlantic Ocean

The western North Atlantic ocean has its own garbage patch to deal with, say scientists. Read the full story

Tom Peters: two good ways to disrupt your business

Do you merely sell products and services, or do you provide a sense of 'magic' and meaning for the people you do business with? nbsp;Read the full story

Junk DNA can rise from the dead and haunt you

For the first time, researchers find that a dead gene can wake up and cause disease. Read the full story

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