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We must explore alternative energy

We must explore alternative energy
Indianapolis Business Journal
Grossman suggests that the acts of Presidents Carter, Bush and Obama to develop alternative energysources were complete wastes of time and resources....
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Deal of the Week - Free solar energy panels
Financial Times
By Steve Lodge Alternative energy companies including Isis Solar, Home Sun, and A Shade Greener are offering free solar panels that can deliver electricity...
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Alternative Energy: Juhl Wind Inks $10 Million Development Deal
Trading Markets (press release)
August 13, 2010 (FinancialWire) (Go to for all of today's featured news.) -- Juhl Wind, Inc. (OTCBB: JUHL ...
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Hare pushes for alternative energy jobs
Herald & Review (blog)
The idea is to continue providing a 30 percent tax credit for the creation of new manufacturing facilities that produce alternative energy components. ...
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Renewable energy kiosk; the newest creation at Franklin PUD
"We're going to wear it out before we finish it because it really is a test bed to test all different types of new technology and alternative energy," ...
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The Clean Energy Transition
TIME (blog)
Science magazine has published a special news section on the alternative energy challenge, casting a sober eye on the difficulties—and oppourunities—of ...
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Green & Gold – Ireland A Clean Energy World Leader?
The Clare Herald
That was the key message delivered today at NovaUCD by John Travers, author and CEO ofAlternative Energy Resources, at the launch of his new book entitled ...
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Four candidates debate in Rockland
Bangor Daily News
By Kevin Miller ROCKLAND, Maine — Four of the five candidates for governor discussed alternative energy, the challenges facing Maine's fishing industry and ...
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Transport Sector 'Running on Fumes' as Demand for Oil and Alternative Energy ...
Earthtimes (press release)
NEW YORK - (Business Wire) The global transportation industry could have a major long-term impact on climate change and world energy usage, if strategic ...
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"Plug and Play" Solar Panel Kits Offer Homeowners Affordable Alternative ...
Scientific American
By David Biello SOLAR AWNING?: Clarian Technologies envisions its "Sunfish" self-installed solar arrays functioning like a photovoltaic shade on the sunny ...
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Scientific American
RICH IN SIGHT: Oil's well ... it's all under control
Lake Placid News
In fact, when one considers the history of oil, profits and the pursuit of alternative energy, one can deduce powerful oil companies have routinely kept the ...
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Deadline looming for tax certification by existingalternative energy projects
Lexology (registration)
If you have an eligible project, you should submit a Certificate of Nameplate Capacity for the newAlternative Energy Tax Exemption form to the Ohio ...
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Singapore Is Serious About Climate Change
In addition, Singapore is actively monitoringalternative energy sources in preparation for adopting new technologies as they improve and their costs come ...
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Uphill battle for drilling compromise
Calgary Herald
Solid interest in oil drilling safety and energy should help Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid build support for the oil spill/alternative energy bill he ...
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Have ethical funds lost their green credentials?
The Guardian
"BP may be developing alternative energysources, but this is a minuscule part of the business compared, for example, with the pollution caused by the ...
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The Guardian
Renewable Energy Leader's Forum: Michael Boches, Geoscape Solar
Though the price of alternative energy systems has come come down, they still cannot compete directly with the low-cost of our subsidized fossil fuel ...
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The corn ethanol problem: Food versus energy
Salt Lake Tribune
I'm not opposed to alternative energy solutions. However, I am opposed to a policy that demands a certain amount of corn go to one market segment, ...
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Indiana Tech dedicates new lab
... and the Steel Dynamics Energy Engineering Laboratory will provide students with equipment for instruction in alternative energy sources such as wind, ...
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First Saudi national company formed to manufacture solar power plants
AME Info
... to ensure the maximum utilization of alternative energy sources, most notably the solar energy which is available in the country throughout the year. ...
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USMMA Expansion Provides Comprehensive Alternative to Chinese Rare Earth Dominance
Business Wire (press release)
... vertically integrated structure in North America to produce and process rare earth elements for advanced technology and alternative energy markets. ...
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Will China Renege on First Solar Deal?
Chinese banks have recently provided huge loan commitments to Trina, Yingli and Suntech, and as in the US, the doling out of deals in alternative energy is...
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Carfax, MIS Extend Carbon Offset Program for 'Show Me The Carfax' Race Weekend
PR Newswire (press release)
MIS is also pioneering utility reduction programs, wetland remediation and restoration programs, andalternative energy programs. ...
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Bethel College worker runs golf cart on solar power
"I'm interested in alternative energy," he says. "It's a way to promote alternative energy here on campus." He's trying to encourage the college to use ...
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Your Turn: Senators not doing the job
Contra Costa Times
... powered by solar power (off-grid), I continue to wonder why our elected officials at every level are not doing more to promote alternative energy. ...
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Ford to Use Solar Panels to Help Produce Its Upcoming Electric Vehicle
The installation isn't Ford's first alternative energy collaboration. In Germany and the UK, solar and wind installations provide power to Ford facilities. ...
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Greenscape Capital Group Announces Expansion of Business Relationship with ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Garage Juice Bar is an active participant in the Green Garage Initiative, a team of energy conservation andalternative energy innovators. ...
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One Oil Stock That Could Produce Gushing Returns
Motley Fool
But we still don't know the long-term effects of the BP spill, and there's increased interest and investment inalternative energy. ...
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Peggy Wilson has
Petersburg Pilot
She said developing alternative energy in wind, tidal, and hydro power is going to be necessary. Last year's unfinished business includes a bill to create a ...
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State Government remains committed to solar in Cloncurry
Media Newswire (press release)
“This is new technology and if we are going to tackle the challenges of climate change we need to investigate the potential for alternative energysources ...
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Plan to turn EL rubbish dump into power station
Daily Dispatch Online
“Apart from stopping the harmful gas emissions, it gives the municipality a good source of alternative energy. It has been practised in Europe for almost 20...
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USDA-NASS seeks public input on future energy program
High Plains Journal
"With growing national interest in energy efficiency andalternative energy sources, there is a need for solid data about how the agriculture sector is ...
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New Lab Helps Students Learn About Alternative Energy | Indiana's ...
New Lab Helps Students Learn About Alternative Energy. August 13, 2010. FORT WAYNE, Ind. (Indiana's NewsCenter) - Indiana Tech and Steel Dynamics Incorporated officials joined together to celebrate the dedication of the Steel Dynamics ...
INC - News - Local -
Nine Challenges of Alternative Energy « RFF Library Blog
By clotworthy
The public discussion about alternative energy is often reduced to an assessment of its monetary costs versus those of traditional fossil fuels, often in comparison to their carbon footprints. This kind of reductionism to a simple ...
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Alternative Energy Solutions
By Carlos Villa
Seawater is, in fact, the military's highest interest when it comes to the matter of alternative energy supply. Seawater can be endlessly “mined” for hydrogen, which in turn powers advanced fuel cells. Using OTEC, seawater can also be ...
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Alternative Energy Sources | User Driven Media and News
By JanenSlaughter
Alternative energy sources like biomass, sunlight, wind or water now represent the earth-friendly solution that could replace the consume of harmful fossil fuels little by little. Nevertheless, there are lots of controversies related to ...
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Types of Alternative Energy Power | Alternative Energy Mutual Funds
By Vincent
Solar is a form of alternative energy power that uses heat from the sun to provide energy. And since there is never a shortage of sunlight, solar heat is an endless source of safe alternative energy for anyone who wants to take ...
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Fuel Cell Insider » China Ramping up Alternative Energy Vehicle ...
By Jennifer
A Shanghai-based newspaper, the Xinmin Evening Post, reports on a new roadmap from China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIT) for the country's alternative energy vehicle strategy for the next ten years. ...
Fuel Cell Insider -
Alternative energy development | Sustainable Technology
By Don Child
Japan is a densely populated country, and that makes the Japanese market more difficult compared with other markets. If we utilize the.
Sustainable Technology -
Renewable Fuels For Alternative Energy
By Dennis Roach
The Germans have really taken off when it comes to renewable fuel sources, and have become one of the main players in the alternative energy game. Under the aegis of the nation's electricity feed laws, the German people set a world ...
XZcution - Articles Directory -
This Why We Need Alternative Energy Sources :Healthy Home Smart
By Eric-Admin
Article: The need for alternative energy sources is getting urgent, hence the development of renewable energy is moving fast. Nationally and internationally various individuals and research companies are creating new and exciting energy ...
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MREA: PV 205.18E Intermediate PV for Electricians
By greencat
Alternative Energy Events & Seminars Discuss MREA: PV 205.18E Intermediate PV for Electricians in the Alternative Energy Investments, News and Money Saving Tips forums; This 16-hour course uses lecture and hands-on classroom activities ...
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Sources For Alternative Energy
Image : At this time there are a lot of assorted forms in which alternative energy is obtainable.Among these is solar energy. Solar.
AC to AC Converters -
Alternative Energy | Use Alternative Power Sources For Renewable ...
By admin
Whether you live away from the city or you live in the heart of downtown, you may be wondering what alternative power sources there are for your home. Believe i.
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Green Energy and Development of Alternative Energy « classic ...
By dominic
Mr. Obama sees sources of alternative energy as the answer to our nation's energy problems. He repeatedly asserted that we need to dramatically change the ways we generate and use energy. Not only is it in our nation's long-term best ...
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Alternative Energy Sources Using Ocean Thermal Energy ...
By admin
OTEC is an idea that people are thinking about when it comes to Alternative Energy Sources. The great hurdle to get over with the implementation of OTEC on a wide. practically, and useful level is cost. Ocean thermal energy would be ... -
Solar energy and wind energy – The best alternative energy resources
News On Renewable Energy resources is gaining a lot of prominence these days. Both private and government agencies are trying their best to find and.
Tennessee Gun Owners -
OTEC and Alternative Energy Sources |
By admin
That is why we need to come up with someAlternative Energy Sources or we are going to be in trouble. Finding that energy from the ocean is one of the many ideas that people talk about most often. The Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion, ... -

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Northampton adopts ordinance regulating construction of ...
You want to promote alternative energy. On the other hand you don't want a situation where someone is going to put a wind tower in their front yard next to ...
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blog Tag: alternative energy. ... Tag: alternative energy. Solar Array, Lithium Cells To Power Part of Ford Focus Plant...
Proper Valuation Methods for Alternative Energy Properties
Over the last few years the alternative energy market, in particular wind, has continued to expand even as our economy has contracted and continues to fight ...

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