Monday, August 02, 2010

In California, the high-speed rail debate heats up

In California, the high-speed rail debate heats up

Two separate studies draw two different conclusions about the viability of high-speed rail in the Golden State. Read the full story

Eyeing oil sands, French firm Total buys Canada's UTS Energy

French oil conglomerate Total will buy Canadian oil sands developer UTS Energy Corp. for $1.42 billion. At stake: undeveloped hydrocarbon resources in the north. Read the full story

Cloud technology helps Italian fisherman find buyers for catch of the day

A private cloud application developed by the University of Bari is helping bring smarter commerce processes to the local community. Read the full story

Mining the deep: China seeks sulphides in international seas

As international rules emerge for mining the seafloor, China asks to take the plunge. Read the full story

What advances in biopsy technology mean for patients

Biopsies are becoming less invasive and more accurate. Will patients feel the differences? Read the full story

NASA's Moonbase Alpha video game hits virtual shelves

NASA's new online multiplayer video game, Moonbase Alpha, was released to online game distributor Steam today. Read the full story

For SF Green Cab, environmentally-friendly is business-friendly, too

The SF Green Cab taxi service is, by its nature, a business that pollutes. But the company has learned that eco-minded decisions make sound business decisions, too. Read the full story

The Office of the Future: wireless ambient lighting, smart HVAC and transparency

The Office of the Future is loaded with sensors and switches that help the building react to its inhabitants more intelligently. Here's a look. Read the full story

Graphene, Graphene, Graphene. Read all about it.

An exclusive interview with Paul Sheehan of the Office of Naval Research reveals the amazing properties of graphene. Read the full story

The man who transformed aging and death, at peace

Robert Butler was aging America's Civil Rights champion, who brought our final years out of the closet and transformed them, from a horror show to the glorious epiphany they were meant to be. Read the full story

3 tests to improve energy efficiency in your home

How do you know if the ducts in your house are leaking air and if so what you should do about it? SmartPlanet visits the home of real estate specialist Rita Gatlin who is focused on making her home more energy-efficient. Read the full story

What we're reading...

Sustainable future cities; Climategate scientists cleared; oil tax breaks; City Year; LEED homes in Utah. Read the full story

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