Monday, August 30, 2010

Kyocera to outfit all of its Japan plants with solar

Researchers discover first genetic risk factor for common migraines

The study examined the genetic data of more than 50,000 people and could open the door for therapies to prevent migraine attacks. Read the full story

Food based nanostructures, huge commercial appeal

Scientists figured out how to make compounds made of edible substances. The new compound framework could be used in chemical sensing and gas storage. Read the full story

The next big food fad is black rice bran

Meet the hot new food fad -- black rice bran. Read the full story

SunPower lands series of U.S. government deals

SunPower landed solar power installation contracts for a bevy of U.S. government entities. Read the full story

Kyocera to outfit all of its Japan plants with solar

Once Kyocera installs solar power systems at 6 of its domestic plants it will have all 10 of its manufacturing plants in Japan covered. Read the full story

3M to acquire Cogent Systems for $943 million; biometric ID tech

3M says it will acquire biometric identification system maker Cogent Systems for approximately $943 million. Read the full story

Dedicated to corporate sustainability? Prove it.

New study finds just 16 percent of U.S. consumers believe that Corporate America is dedicated to going green. Read the full story

Hybrid turbine: for when the wind doesn't blow

A Colorado start-up looks to upgrade existing wind turbines with a biodiesel-powered back-up system. Read the full story

World's largest naval town makes the case for 'living shorelines'

Much of Norfolk's waterfront is controlled by the Navy or private industry, but some homeowners hold land on rivers and creeks. Read the full story

eMeter CEO Gary Bloom: Why we should all want smart meters

They're good for us, he says -- unless we're trying to steal power. Meter readers' jobs are also endangered. Read the full story

Meet the winner of SmartPlanet's Amazon Kindle contest

Who won SmartPlanet's Kindle contest? You ask, we answer: meet the lucky reader who won. Read the full story

Medicare will pay for all seniors to stop smoking

Now that Medicare is paying, will any of the e-cigarette makers take up my challenge of becoming regulated medical devices? Read the full story

What we're reading...

Memory-boosting brain stimulus; lessons for EV startups; India bus stations; augmented reality; urban density vs. location. Read the full story

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