Thursday, August 12, 2010

NASA chief technologist Robert Braun: 'We intend to take considerable risks' to innovate

Got foam? In search of the perfect beer

Charlie Bamforth, professor of brewing sciences at UC Davis, says people want foam. So he's applying scientific principles to produce the perfect beer. Read the full story

Apple 'smart bike' patent hints at peloton intelligence

Tech giant Apple has filed a patent for a "smart bike" that connects riders on a team and gathers data on everything from pace to heart rate to fatigue. Read the full story

Ford, partners plot solar power system at Michigan plant

Ford, Detroit Edison and Xtreme Power plan to build one of Michigan's largest solar power systems at its assembly plant in Wayne. Read the full story

Transit schedules versus real-time transit info

Why cities increasingly are investing in dynamic information for commuters and transit passengers, compared with 'published' information. Read the full story

Becoming minimalist: when having fewer possessions means living a better life

Two years ago, Joshua Becker decided to cast off (some of) his possessions to live a minimalist lifestyle. Read the full story

A new window dressing for solar power

With a new type of thin film solar cell, Ensol AS and University of Leicester team up to suck up the sun's rays through the world's windows. Read the full story

NASA chief technologist Robert Braun: 'We intend to take considerable risks' to innovate

NASA's being reorganized again, and former NASA engineer and Georgia Institute of Technology professor Bobby Braun says he has his dream job. by... Read the full story

Public EV charging stations to come to Bay Area by 2013

$5 million in funding is in place to install 5,000 EV charging stations in the Bay Area, but they won't come online for another two years. Read the full story

Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda: 'LED lighting revolution gained momentum' in 2010

The LED lighting revolution is gaining momentum thanks to strong growth in outdoor lighting and LED bulbs, Cree CEO Chuck Swoboda says. by Andrew... Read the full story

Algae-based biofuel can have 4X carbon footprint of petro-diesel, study says

University of Cambridge researchers say closed air-lift bioreactors require more energy to produce algae-based biofuels than needed for fossil fuels. Read the full story

Breath test can detect cancer

Researchers developed a breath test for cancer. The electronic nose can sniff out common cancers before the symptoms start. Read the full story

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EV viability; butter into biofuel; hydraulic cars; spending and happiness; NY lessons for SF. Read the full story

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